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How do I change the background or menu bar colors on my website?

You wish to change the look and feel (ie background or menu bar colors) of your website.

There are two ways to change your background color:
  1. Change your site theme
  2. Use the Theme Designer
  3. Custom HTML


You can match colors, backgrounds, menus and more using the Theme Designer.


One way you can change the background color is by changing your site theme.  To do so, go to your Admin Area -> Website -> Website Settings -> Site Themes and select another theme from the drop-down. You can also preview your site in another theme by clicking on the 'See all themes' link and then selecting a theme to preview.


Another option is to use Custom HTML. This involves adding your own header and footer. You will lose the DoJiggy navigation bar and will need to create your own. Please note that implementing custom html requires you to manage all site HTML and CSS. If you do not have the expertise or do not want to do this, please revert to one of our standard templates. Invalid HTML or CSS can render the site inoperable.

To implement custom HTML, follow the directions at

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